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Gratitude for 25 Years

I can honestly say my life would be entirely different without "The Bridge". The love and peace shown to me inspired me to listen to my true feelings and get out of my comfort zone. I've had the most challenging years in my life since I first came, and I have also learned who I am. It's not easy growing up :-). Thank you for this mission of love you started 25 years ago. I am a better person for it and have since been able to reach out and help others. With much love, Ellie.

Friends at the Bridge-Between

"Thank you for your dedicated and wonderful work with God's plants and vegetables. As the book of Genesis states, "To living creatures I give all green plants for food." You, indeed, carry on the blessings of God for all of creation.

Enjoy the days of sun and warmth,

Diann and Alan

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Luminaries light the way to the Farm House from the Granary decked out in purpleBridge-Between Live Nativity

"I was afraid of upsetting Liam after all of the anticipation. Sister Caroline explained that she had prayed for three weeks about this decision and then spoke about the holy family being present in us and with us and part of us already. She did a wonderful job, but I couldn't help but feel disappointed that the night wasn't going as I'd hoped. I quietly whispered to Liam that Jesus couldn't come tonight because it might be too cold for him. He didn't miss a beat. "Can I look at the ducks?" he asked. He happily rang a small bell as we sang Joy to the World. I had worried he'd be too cold; he asked to take his hat and mittens off. I had wanted so much to see his face as he looked with wonder at this Christmas scene and just took it all in. Instead, I saw him awestruck by the sheer height of the barn's ceiling, how close he got to a llama, and a path lit by tealights in mason jars.

My son taught me in his sweet little way that Christmas, and indeed life, might not go according to plan but that this doesn't mean that something is missing. We might think we know exactly what we need to be happy, but it just might be that we need far less than we thought."

Thank you, again.
Jennifer R.

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December 27, 2010

Thank you for an enriching evening with my confirmation student. We talked on the way home about how the three hours together at The Bridge-Between was very valuable in our relationship and in getting us to think deeper about the simple things in life, and how important our relationship is on our journey through life.


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