The Cottage

The Cottage, nestled in the woods by the Devil's River, is a single-room hermitage. It is sparsely furnished with a wood stove, bed, dresser, portable commode, and a water pitcher and basin.

Guests find themselves in a less complicated place away from distractions and the hustling, bustling world. Although electricity is available in the Cottage, retreatants may choose to allow the sun or the moon to illumine their space.

The crackling of the fire in the wood stove in winter or the soft whisper of a country breeze in the summer provide a backdrop to envelop guests in a sense of stillness and peace. Wonderfully low windows allow guests to sit in a chair or lie on the bed and watch creation pass by.

The Cottage was constructed in 1988 as a living memorial for a retreatant's mother. It was built with a combination of recycled barn boards and new wood. The inside is plastered and the wood stained, creating a comfortable space in which to get in touch all that is quiet and gentle.

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