The Farmhouse

The Farmhouse, built in 1909, is the center and hub of The Bridge-Between Retreat Center, Inc. Click Here For The Farm House Photo Gallery

Hearty and healthy meals are created in the cozy kitchen. Guests may join the community for home cooked meals around a worn and welcoming wooden table in the kitchen. If guests prefer to maintain quiet, they may pick up a lunch basket at the farm house and find a nook for themselves where they can enjoy their food and commune with God. The Farmhouse also houses a small library containing books on nature, theology, Spirituality, cooking and environmental issues plus a few good novels as well. The center's chapel is located on the upper floor of the Farmhouse and provides sacred space for prayer and reflection. Guests are invited to pause and share in community prayer before lunch and dinner.

Spiritual guidance, pastoral counseling and massage are available to guests who choose to make these services a part of their experience.

Whether watching the steam gently drift above a pot of simmering soup, sitting in the hushed stillness of the chapel, or searching the shelves for a book in the library, the Farmhouse at The Bridge-Between provides a haven and a home for retreatants of all ages, genders, beliefs, and cultures.

Click Here For The Farmhouse Photo Gallery

The Bridge-Between Retreat Center
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