The Silo

Yes, it is really a silo! The three-story silo was orginally built in 1924 and renovated in 1991 into three circular bedrooms. A modern bathroom with a shower is located on the first floor. Each room is simply furnished with a bed, table, chair and lamp.

Portable commodes are available to guests on the second and third floors. A rustic wooden stair case leads the way to the upper rooms. The second floor has a balcony which overlooks the retreat center. Each room has a window which affords a view of a country sunset or an early morning glimpse of the moon just before day break.

The peaceful, simple atmosphere of The Bridge-Between is very evident in the Silo. The circular rooms provide a unique opportunity to reflect upon the cycles of life which are so obvious on a farm, and so necessary for living. The silo rooms are spacious, quiet, cool in the summer, warm in the winter and a place to come home to when it is time for retreat or renewal.

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The Bridge-Between Retreat Center
4471 Flaherty Lane, Denmark, WI 54208
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