Therapeutic Massage Available

February 9,2015

The Bridge-Between Retreat Center offers therapeutic and relaxation massage for individuals, couples and for group retreats.

30 minute massage    $30.00

60 minute massage    $60.00

50 minutes Reflexology on the feet    $45.00

75 minutes Leg massage and reflexology on the feet    $70.00

Green Clay Face Mask ~ Enjoy being pampered having your neck, shoulders and arms massaged while having a green clay face mask.    $60.00

30 minute aromatherapy massage     $35

60 minute aromatherapy massage     $65

Testimonial:  "It was so powerful I cried from the relaxation and realization that I need to take better care of myself." DK

Call to schedule your massage today at 920/864-7230.



The Bridge-Between Retreat Center
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